Degree in Secondary Education – A Right Career Move

The field of education these days has grown in significant proportions. If we compare the present education scenario, it is very different than 20 years ago. The number of educational institutes and colleges are riding a new wave. With the change in living standards, in this modern scenario the need for an expert teacher is also on the increase. Factors like reduced class sizes and an increase in the number of students are also forcing many schools to acquire teachers who have skills to handle every student effectively. The present education environment is looking for teachers who have the ability to motivate, guide and monitor the activities of a child. Ultimately, it requires special skills that have to be nurtured through intensive training. Addressing to meet this demand, secondary education degrees has started gaining its popularity in recent years.Secondary education degrees prepare tutors to work in high schools and middle schools or junior high schools. Meant for teachers, administrators or other education specialists, this degree helps them getting specialized in one subject area and further educate students more about the subject effectively. Secondary education degrees can be earned at the bachelor’s degree level, although several advanced degrees in the field are also available. Besides this, most secondary education programs facilitate individuals earn a teaching certificate, which many schools ask teachers to hold these days.The major advantage of attaining a degree in secondary education is it provides the training and the teaching credential that an individual must need to get for his or her first teaching job. In addition, for those who are already in teaching profession, this course provides guidance on how to effectively teach students the intended curriculum in communities of learning. It primarily focuses on the methods of instruction, educational psychology in the field of education, social and cultural issues related to school, etc. This type of training in turn can help teacher in playing their role more efficiently and educating children properly. Apart from all this, it can also help an individual or tutor move into school administration, education policy, or related fields like education consulting. Moreover, in most schools even if an individual working as a teacher continue teaching the same classes, holding a secondary education degree can help him increase his salary.The basic admission requirements for entering into the degree program in secondary education courses may vary from institution to institution. Some institutions insist on a qualifying written test. However, in most of the institutes, successful completion of a high school diploma or some preliminary courses in education is essential to satisfy the eligibility criteria for admission.Today there is definitely big requirement for teachers and administrators throughout the secondary education field. Perhaps this is an appropriate time to follow a degree in secondary education, as the education industry is keenly seeking and expected to seek for more qualified professionals in coming years.

How to Have True Leadership in Education

There are three kinds of education: Professional education, the public school system, and leadership in education. Leadership in education can also be called the Thomas Jefferson Education. For families who couldn’t afford to give their children any other kind of education, public school was their option. The system was instituted to create students who could become part of the work force after receiving a diploma.Now, the public school system is overwhelmingly the educational option of choice for almost all Americans. Educators who know Thomas Jefferson’s style of education like to call public school education “conveyor belt education.” Public schools punch out students as if they were little more than commodities and factory products. Children are all treated the same in the public school system. They all get the same materials at the same age. They get the same indistinguishable tests. There is little or no focus on individual skills or interests.Most students from this kind of education are great workers, at least. They were pretty much taught what to think. Another system is professional education, which is not far removed from its public counterpart. Professional schools offer training in specialized fields, such as law, medicine, and business.Professional schools are better known as trade schools. These schools are very difficult to get into, with only the best students being highly competitive. A student who emerges from this school is a trained specialist who knows when to think.Leadership in education, or leadership education, is the third form of education. Historically, students of this system went on to become powerful leaders in government. Students from this system also become champions of noble causes, great speakers, and entrepreneurs. It was Thomas Jefferson’s vision to institute a system that would create leaders who would prevent tyranny. But after his educational plan was instituted, it only took a few short years for the government to involve itself in public education.Jefferson and other leaders like him throughout history were mostly schooled at home. Once they received the foundation skills, they went to quality schools to learn the classics. Students are inspired to learn when mentors and teachers guide them in their studies. They learn how to think when placed at the feet of the great minds from the classics.

All Weather Corn Hole Game – Need of the Hour

Corn hole games and washers game have an uncanny similarity. Both of them are fun games played for the fun with family and friends. They are sometimes called yard games or lawn games because they are played in the backyards or in the lawns in front of private homes. In fact, any reasonably big empty space is good enough for them and that can be a picnic spot, a park or the beach.Both are pitching games, one pitches metal washers into a PVC cup kept inside the washer box and other pitches corn bags into the holes of the corn hole boards. Both are competitive games. The object of both the games is to earn points by pitching the washers/corn-bags into the cup/hole. The rules of the games and the scoring format too are quite similar, though not same. Yet, they are two distinct games requiring separate discussions.he washers game to begin with is known in different names through out the US. It is known as the washers washers pitching, washer toss, “Texas Horseshoes” or washoos. This game has many variations and is modified to suit the people who play this game in different parts of the US. The cup is set in a washer’s box and the size of this washer’s box varies. The distance between the two boxes and the final winning scores are also differ. It is very difficult to provide a correct description of the washer’s game.These variations have not taken away the main ingredient of the game which is fun. Only those who are in a competition are very particular about the size of the board, if you are playing the game for fun it will not matter to you if the washer board is 14″X14″X4″ or 16″X16″X5.5″. Most of the boards that are available have a single 4″ PVC cup set in the middle and some boards may also have two, where one is smaller that the standard 4″ cup. The washers that are used pitch inside the cup are mostly made from rust proof iron and have a 2.5″ outside diameter and a 1″ inside diameter. These boxes are normally set 21″ apart and this can also be less. The rules for this game is that the player has to stand behind or next to one of the boxes to pitch the washers into the opposite boxes.The score pattern for this game would be a 3 if the washer falls inside the cup and 1 if it falls inside the box. The game will go on till the player scores 21 and this is not an easy task, this is quite complicated and it can take time to score 21. There are a lots of wash-outs and rebuts that are involved in this game and the second player can also cancel the first player’s points.The same also happens with the corn hole game. If you are preparing for a competition then it is advisable to buy an all weather corn hole set. The customary competition board is called the regulation board and this is 4″x2″ in size. This board is made of plywood and this is a slanting board. The tailgating boards measure to 3″x2″. All these boards are made up of plastic and these boards can measure either 4″x2″ or 3″x2″. The bags that are used for this game are made of waterproof cloth instead of the normal duck canvas and these bags are filled with palettes instead of real feed cotton. These bags are 6″x6″ in size and weigh between 14 to 16 ounces as specified by the ACA which is the American Corn Hole Association.The intransigent fans of the corn hole games will not play an all weather corn hole game set as this will not only feel different but because there is no dust when the bag hits the board! Many consider that there should be dust to play this game and enjoy it. For those who do not like the idea of dust and dirt will welcome the all weather corn hole game. They consider the game for fun and not for dust and dirt. The all weather corn hole game is not only fun to play with but also very easy to maintain. You can have the game while a barbeque is being cooked. This board can be left outside and you not have to worry about the due or rain spoiling the board. The birds and squirrels will not touch the plastic palettes. This board can also be taken to the beach or tailgating and all you can expect is clean fun.The corn toss game and the washers game provide non stop fun. Apart from this they have their own qualities:
o This game helps people to chill out and get rid of many health complications.
o Since these games are a good form of exercise they keep our body fit and healthy.
o These are also considered as family games as they help a family to spend some quality time together.Many people suppose that both these games are originated from the horseshoe games and that there are a few changes made to this game to suit the local condition. In a way this may be right because these games are still being modified to suit time, and if this is not done this game will not survive and it is the known fact that nothing can survive if it does not change with time.